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Refund / Cancellation Policy

The customer bought the product started from 7 days of the date purchase if the human damage or erroneous or substandard size <Shoes only> (Size substandard or erroneous returns must not affect the re-sale) S-Stylebubble guarantee to provide customers with quality service, all customers are able to In 7 working days after returned goods Selected questions please contact our Customer Service Officer within the return period.

Tel: 852-6585 1345
(Monday to Saturday: 13:00-20:30)

Return Information

  • Return items must not affect the re-sale, otherwise we reserve the right not to be returned.

  • Returned products (due to substandard size) of the return shipping by the customer burden, but this site will reissue the burden arising from shipping goods.

  • Returned products (due to damaged or wrong models) is required to return by SF Express  transported by the customer, and the waybill please clicked "Receiver", we will re-send the product to you.

  • Money back guarantee for out of stock 


Some of products are fashionable style and reasonable prices, popular with other countries, especially Asian countries welcome, coupled with liquidity quickly, so there will be some out or rate.
If you encounter out of stock, we will work in two days, the customer will be refunded the relevant funds HSBC or Bank of China bank account.
The site promises delivery period is 5-10 business days (Express for 3-7 working days), but due to holidays and workdays countries in the region are different, does not rule out a temporary supply shortage of individual goods, King Please note that customer payment after acceptance of this clause, because the delivery delay and other reasons can not be half-way to request a refund.

After ordering product over 14 days, the case has not yet been identified with the arrival of, can apply for a refund forced out of stock, we will return the full payment to the customer's bank account, the due procedures should the Bank takes 2-3 working days.

Additional Information
Please send the goods, the original packaging, along with your name, contact number, user name, stock code
And be sent to the following Address:
Shop 517, 5/F Radio City, 505 Hennessy Road, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong

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